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Report of Misuse


Respect the Online Gallery community

We do require the same sort of respect given to nuns, the elderly and neurosurgeons. We only ask that you do not misuse our website. Each new community function at Online Gallery requires a certain level of confidence. We trust that you are responsible. Millions of users respect this trust. Please be one of them.

We check works reported as inappropriate

This paragraph is more about us than you. When a work is reported as inappropriate we check to make sure our Contractual Terms have not been violated. Hence, reported artworks are not automatically removed by the system. If your artwork is removed after being checked, you can be sure that there was a reason for this action. You should take our warnings seriously. Take a deep breath, read our Contractual Terms and try to look at them from our point of view. Should you find other artworks on Online Gallery that violate our terms in a similar manner, please report your findings so we can check these artworks.

Do not cross the imaginary line

Here are a few basic rules to help you avoid problems:

The Service provided by Online Gallery is not intended for the release of pornographic and sexually explicit material. Do not post these types of works on Online Gallery even in the case that you painted them yourself. Please be warned that we cooperate closely with the police and report the abuse of children. Visit our Security Centre and respect the rules for the safe use of the Online Gallery website. Do not post works depicting bad actions such as the mistreatment of animals, the use of drugs and similar matters. Graphic and gratuitous violence is not permitted. Likewise, do not post works that show people being physically harmed, attacked or humiliated. Online Gallery does not aim to shock. Respect copyrights. Please post works you have created and for which you own the copyright. Therefore, do not post works you have not created and to which you do not have requisite authorisation; do not post works you do not own. For more information, see our Tips concerning copyrights.
We support the freedom of expression and defend the rights of all who express unpopular opinions. Nevertheless, we do not permit expressions of hatred (verbal attacks and humiliation aimed toward protected groups on the basis of race or ethnic origin, religion, handicaps, gender, age, military veteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity).
We have no tolerance for inconsiderate behaviour, persecution, threats, harassment, the violation of privacy and the disclosure of the personal information of others. Those who violate these rules will be permanently banned from the Online Gallery website.
Nobody likes spam. Do not create misleading descriptions, characters, names or miniatures for the purpose of increasing the number of searches. It is forbidden to release a large amount of untargeted, unwanted or repeating content, including commentary and private messages.

Please respect these rules. Do not look for loopholes or try to circumvent the rules. Try to understand and respect the principles on which they are based. A violation of the Contractual Terms can result in a warning or the cancellation of your account. If your account is terminated for these reasons, you will not be permitted to create any new accounts.

Online Gallery is for you

This is your community; all Online Gallery users help make this website what it is. So don’t hesitate and join!
Have fun with Online Gallery. The website contains many very interesting videos created by talented artists. You can be one of them! The equipment you need is increasingly affordable and simple to use. So give it a try and have fun.
Let people know what you think. The opinions of others are part of the experience. If you share your views with respect, you can make new friends, share your experiences and spend more interesting time on Online Gallery. Therefore, evaluate works that you like.
You might not like everything you see. Some content may shock you. If you think that a work violates our Contractual Terms, send a message to Online Gallery so we can investigate the situation. If not, try to choose something else. Why waste time following works you don’t like?

That’s all. Thank you for reading this text.

Report of Misuse

Online Gallery allows you to send proposals and messages concerning the placement of works. We welcome messages regarding problems, suggestions for new functions and general commentary.

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