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What they say about us


Michala (author): "I am very pleased how people of Online Gallery act. When I have a question, they replay immediately and give good advice on everything :). Regarding the web site I would appreciate that a user (artist) could see on his profile, how many views and likes there are at each item, otherwise the site is neat and well-arranged."

Vladimír (buyer): "I came to like the possibility of buying more paintings by the same author on Online Gallery to bring them into accord in the office of my company. And all this for good money. Everything took place to my complete satisfaction, my office has brightened up and I can only recommend buying art in this gallery."

Buyer Michal: “I have already bought 3 times in the Online Gallery. Twice the entire deal went Michal (buyer): "I have purchased art on Online Gallery 3 times already. The whole transaction went without problems twice, the third time an artist sent a painting without a frame, even if the painting had been displayed and offered for sale with the frame. The curator contacted me as soon as the painting arrived to the gallery and informed me about this reality. He suggested cancelling the purchase and giving back the money, but I liked the painting and wanted to have it. They contacted the artist then, he framed the picture and we finished the deal to satisfaction of everybody involved. I appreciate a fair approach of Online Gallery and recommend it.”

Jasmin (author): "I liked your project of an online gallery since the first viewing on Instagram and I have to say it´s pretty cool."

Tereza (author): "I am very happy with Online Gallery, they act promptly and precisely, the web site is well-arranged and user friendly. The painting was delivered to the owner in time and I got paid immediately, as for me, I surely recommend it."

Zuzana (author): "Dear Online Gallery! I´ve noticed just now there are two of them sold already! Well, I’m amazed! :-DDDDD”

Michaela (author): "Thank you very much for mediating and for that people can see my work. Great communication, everybody in OG is very nice and willing to answer any question. I warmly recommend :)"

Zuzana (author): "Thanks for mediating the sale, everything went smoothly and quickly. I can only recommend! Keep going like this!"

Jakub (buyer): "Had everybody showed such attitude, it would be great. The painting is already hanging on the wall above my head, thanks to you I have found what I was looking for. Possibly maybe it will not remain the only one, because there are wonderful pieces here. Thanks, Kuba"