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Warranty guidelines


Rights and duties of contracting parties regarding claims of defective performance conforms to relevant generally binding legal regulations (especially provisions § 1914 to 1925, § 2099 to 2117 and § 2161 to 2174 of the Civil Code).

Buyer is authorized to claim his right resulting from defective performance that emerges in goods during the period determined by law that means in twenty four months after the purchase.

Seller is liable to buyer that the goods are faultless in the moment of handing over. Seller in particular is liable to Buyer that in time of accepting the goods by Buyer (1) the goods have properties as agreed by both parties, and if there is no such agreement, they have properties described by producer or that are expected by Buyer with regards to the character of the goods and on the basis of advertising made by them, (2) the goods are suitable for the purpose that Seller states for its usage or that is typical for goods of this kind (3) the goods correspond in quality or design with an agreed sample or draft, if quality or design were fixed according to an agreed sample or draft, (4) the goods correspond with an agreed amount, size or weight and (5) the goods comply with requirements of legal regulations.

If a defect emerges during the first six months after taking over, it is understood that the goods were already defective in the moment of taking over.

Buyer claims rights resulting from defective performance with Seller. The moment of laying the claim is considered to be the moment of delivery to the address set by Buyer. If not stated otherwise, this place is the address of dispatcher that is ONLINE GALLERY.

When claiming the right resulting from defective performance, Buyer is obliged to prove closing a sale contract; Buyer is obliged to object to a defect that is to submit a description of the defect, which is the basis for the claim.

The right resulting from defective performance does not apply for Buyer, if he had knowledge about the defect before taking over the goods, or the defect was caused by Buyer.

Operator is obliged to inform Buyer about settlement of the claim to the address stated in the claim or by means of other contact that makes possible to warn Buyer about settlement of the claim. In this notice Operator will fix the deadline for Buyer to collect the goods concerned.

If Buyer does not collect the goods concerned within the period of time set by Operator, Operator can charge an adequate fee of storage or to sell the goods by himself on account of Buyer. Operator is obliged to inform Buyer about this procedure in advance and give him an adequate period of time to collect the goods.