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When you buy an expensive piece of art in an art gallery, you usually go there in person to take a look and you decide on the spot whether you invest your money in it or not. While buying online an artwork at lower price, a journey across a country doesn´t pay off. How should you do it when you´re buying art "by a snapshot"? Even an artist doesn´t want to take a risk to send a picture blind to a buyer and then wait that maybe he sends the money back by return mail? But a taker doesn´t want to take a risk as well, to send money in advance, because he is not sure how the artwork looks like in real. How to work this out?

This is the reason why we are here, the Online Gallery. That is a guarantee for both of them. A buyer will show his serious interest by sending money from his account to Online Gallery. We will deposit them and inform the artist that his work has been purchased. The artist will send his work; we will check it, if it corresponds with the snapshot, if it is not damaged and so on. Subsequently we will hand it over to the buyer. He will take a look at it and he can call off the purchase. In that case Online Gallery would give him back his money and send the artwork back to the artist. When he however approves for the piece and confirms the purchase, we will release the amount for the artist (it is the price of the piece less our commission in the amount of 30% of its price) and send it to his account. Neither of both sides takes a risk and both of them are content.

Reasons to buy here

On the Online Gallery you can buy original pieces of art for a very reasonable price. You will be around an original piece of art that you like and that helps you express your taste and your individuality. You may also consider it an investment that can grow in time. As well as support for a creative person who is still making his name for himself.

Artwork sale from the point of finance

The price quoted at each piece for sale is final for a buyer; he is not charged any extra fees.
The commission for Online Gallery amounts to 30% of the price. (We need this commission, besides other things, to bring potential buyers of art to Online Gallery.) A selling artist then obtains 70% of the price for a sold artwork.
The contract is closed between a selling artist and a buyer. Online Gallery serves here as a mediator (likewise does a real estate agency in case of selling a house). Further, it serves as a guarantor of handing over of the object in a proclaimed quality on one hand, and of money on the other hand.

Selling process

At the moment of paying the given amount through the payment gateway of Online Gallery, the piece is blocked for sale to other buyers. An artist should deliver physically the sold piece within 5 days to Online Gallery (address: Roháčova 188/37, 130 00 Praha 3). Our curators will check the piece, make a photograph and arrange for delivery to a buyer.
A buyer has up to 5 days to make sure that the piece is free of defects, or to return it and withdraw from the purchase.
If everything is all right and a buyer confirms that the work is free of defects, the Online Gallery will release money for an artist and send it to his account.

Display and sale

We don´t insist on respect that you would show to nuns, elderly people or brain surgeons. We just ask you not to misuse our website. Every new functionality of ONLINE GALLERY community requires a certain level of trust. We believe that you are responsible. Millions of users respect this trust. Please, be one of them.

We check on the pieces that are reported as inappropriate. This paragraph is rather about us than about you. If a piece is reported as inappropriate, we check on it to find out whether it is in breach with our Contractual conditions. So, the reported pieces are not automatically removed by the system. If we remove your work after the check, be sure that we have had a reason. You should take seriously our warning. Take a deep breath, go through our Business Terms and try to have a look at them from our point of view. If you find on ONLINE GALLERY other works of art that are in breach with our conditions in a similar way, please report them so that we can check on them.

ONLINE GALLERY keeps developing; we try to make it even more simple and better. Our team is ready to your feedback, comments, ideas and upgrades that you can send without hesitation to: team@online-gallery.shop. Thank you for your interest and your opinion.