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About us


Marcel Sítník alias Marcelus

This web site came into being thanks to my painting. Years ago, when I started to create paintings, they were just hung on the walls of my apartment. I used to show them to my family and friends and gave some of them as a gift, later I even sold some of them. I started to get interested in presenting my art, my passion, and found out that at these days it is very expensive to organize an exhibition. And so an idea emerged in my head, always lost in daydreaming. It is the idea to create a simple internet gallery for beginning and unknown artists, who create art and have neither opportunities nor finances to present their works of art. I guess everybody knows about those famous ones like Jan Zrzavý, but those unknown are not easy to be found. And still, many of them could be even better than the mentioned Jan Zrzavý. I would like to present the opportunity for beginning artists to create their own virtual gallery and present their paintings, sculptures or other original pieces of art. I would like to make it possible for them to show, who they are and what they can do. With the help of my friends we established the web interface called Online-Gallery.shop, where any artist can exhibit his work or maybe sell it.

I believe that Online Gallery will make you happy the same way it makes me happy.

Michal Tomáš

Helped to turn the idea into a working project and takes care of marketing support.

Daniel Kašpárek

Reincarnated the project to a code and kept the gallery running.