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How to send the work


Do you want to send us artwork, but you can't or don't have the possibility to deliver it personally and you don't know how to do it? We have some basic advice on how to send your painting or other artwork. The basics are the right packaging and the right carrier.

1. How to do it - well, parcel delivery is a separate field with its own specialists. We are talking about several companies, for example Czech Post, PPL, GLS, DHL, UPS, DPD and nowadays also the internet service ZASLAT.CZ. For us, we definitely recommend Czech Post, because it is the only carrier in the Czech Republic that transports and delivers artworks including insurance until the next day (DE parcel)!!!

2. We recommend - first of all, focus on the packaging of your artwork. If it is a smaller painting or reproduction (up to 25 x 35 cm), be sure to pack it between two cartons so that these cartons exceed the size of the work by at least 2 cm. Also buy a suitable envelope, preferably bubble wrap, and close it thoroughly after inserting the work. In the case of a larger format painting or reproduction, it is better to wrap it in hard cardboard and send it in this way. If you are sending a different type of work (statues, vases, ceramics, busts, etc.), we recommend using new boxes made of double-layer cardboard of the appropriate size. Used boxes may be damaged and provide less protection for your shipment, but can still be used with some margin. When packing, use as much internal padding as possible, such as bubble wrap or foam, so that the items in the parcel do not move freely, even with violent movement. Each layer of padding is an additional layer of protection. A minimum of 3 cm from the sides of the box is recommended. As an emergency solution, you can use a well-crumpled newspaper, but this increases the risk of damage. Then just tape all the parts and flaps to be joined thoroughly with sufficiently thick tape. We recommend taping the edges of the package and older tapes if the box is already used.

3. The price of the parcel - our years of experience with Czech Post are great and the prices are available on the website, but to give you an idea DE parcel size up to 50 cm (size M), insurance 5000 CZK, weight 2 - 3 kg is the price of the parcel 259 CZK. DE parcel size up to 100 cm (size L), insurance 50000 CZK, weight 3 - 5 kg is price 309 CZK. They also transport DE packages over 100 cm (size XL), insurance 30000 CZK, weight 3 - 5 kg when the price per shipment is 459 CZK.

4. Remember - it is up to you how well you pack your work and how much you reduce the risk of damage to your work. When our people from Online Gallery take over your work, we make sure that it is properly received and, most importantly, that your work is delivered to the buyer. That is why we carefully inspect each work on receipt, take photographs for any claims and archive all data with records. In the event of any damage during the acceptance of the package, we will inform you and will not accept such shipment.

5. Final advice - if you are unsure or would like help in choosing a carrier, please contact us at info@online-gallery.shop