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I have made the registration but cannot log in to my account.

Have you confirmed your registration by clicking on the link in the confirming email that was sent to you by the system after the registration? If you do not receive this email within 5 min, please check your spam box. If it is not even there, please contact us by email on: info@online-gallery.shop with all the details and we will check it out.

How do I add a piece of art to my gallery?

In the upper right corner of the website you can find your name, under which you have registered. Click on it and you will get to your personal site, where you can add, edit or remove your pieces of art as well as your personal data. Another way to get there is the foot of the website where you can find a link "Account settings" in seller or artist sections.

Why are the prices so much different? How are the prices set?

Each author sets the prices of his work by himself. If he is not sure, he can ask for our estimation.

Prices of artwork in general are a very complicated field. The price is affected by many factors, as the quality of the work to begin with, its uniqueness, the name of its author and his renown or its technique, size or durability of material to end with.

Do I as a beginning artist need a trade license to present my work on Online Gallery or sell it?

In any case you do not need to have a license. Your work is your own creation, your intellectual property, and you don´t need any permission to sell it.

In what time will my work be published on Online Gallery website?

All pieces of art that are added by an author to his gallery are submitted to approval that can take few hours, max.24 hours since adding the piece. After approval the work is immediately displayed on Online Gallery website. In case of a piece aimed to be sold that includes price, it is automatically displayed on Homepage in NEW section and stays there until replaced by other newly added pieces.

Can I trust the photos of displayed artwork?

All photos are made by authors themselves; in these days of mobiles with integrated cameras it is common to make photos of one´s work like this. However, it should be mentioned, that the actual colors could be affected by quality and settings of a computer monitor, light conditions, a place where the photo was made - and we can´t do anything about it. You will find more on photographing in the foot in ARTIST section, or you can click on "How to photograph your piece of art."

I live in Slovakia and I want to exhibit on Online Gallery. What is the difference?

Artist from abroad can exhibit and sell their work on Online Gallery as well, but they have to count on with prices in Czech Crowns and with the fact that the website is in Czech language (in future we plan to include other languages and currencies). Another difference is in delivery and bank transfer fees, both are more expensive for an artist or collector from abroad.

Is it better to insert a piece of art with a background or just the piece itself?

In any case it is much better to present a piece of art (especially paintings and photographs) by itself. Any background can be distracting and makes the viewing space smaller for a viewer. Currently there are very simple editing tools that can help to present your work properly.

How can I increase a chance that my displayed work will be sold?

By analyzing the functioning of Online Gallery we can see, that pictures with the highest number of views are those that stay on Homepage for long time, i.e. they are in FAVOURITE section. The pieces with the most "likes" are displayed here. You can share on your social networks the address of your virtual gallery (you can find it for example in your profile on the upper right side) or a link to a specific piece of art. The more "hearts" your work gains, the longer it will be displayed on Homepage.
A story is another factor that sells. Think twice about the description of your work. You can put there why and when it was created and so on. There is more interest in works with a "story".


How long will I wait for the piece of art that I ordered?

We try to process the orders as soon as possible, up to 15 days maximum after receiving the payment and it is possible to collect the work personally or have it sent on your expenses to your address.

The time of delivery is not convenient, can I change it?

Yes, of course, please, let us know. If it is at least a bit possible, we will follow suit.

Yes, of course, please, let us know. If it is at least a bit possible, we will follow suit.

Every piece of art goes through our check, yet it can be damaged during the way to you. Transporters try as much as they can to secure the delivery, but there still is a human factor. In case there is something wrong with the piece of art at the moment of delivery, do not take it over! The transporter is responsible for the security of delivery and it is necessary to report the damage done without any delay.
The pieces of art have to be stored in convenient conditions with no extreme temperatures or extreme fluctuations of temperatures and humidity (e.g. a bathroom).