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Moksha (aka Rob Drexel)

Moksha (aka Rob Drexel)
O autorovi:
After 25 years as a decorative clay artist selling my work across the US and in Europe, I am now usually covered with paint rather than clay.

I'm not going to presume to tell you what (my or any) art “means”, nor its “significance” nor what profound “depths of expression and/or emotion” it is supposed to elicit from you. Art is to be seen and experienced, not subjected to reductionist written description.   All that stuff is for YOU the viewer to enjoy experiencing for yourself.    Leave writing to the authors of books.

It's my job in this relationship with you the viewer (well, my joy actually…)  to create and I create to be enjoyed.

It's remarkably simple: I love colors, shapes, patterns, shadows, lines, angles, layers, contrasts, chaos, order, - all that is, in the end, assembled in a playful, interesting, stimulating and pleasing way to be looked at.

That's it.

No amount of me explaining will make my colorful expressions anything more or less than what they are when you look upon them.   I want for you to create your own stories (and meanings if you wish) as you gaze on each piece.

Nothin' more to add.

May the pleasure of viewing be with you... ;-)

Moksha  (aka Rob Drexel)

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62 x 40 cm
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50 x 40 cm
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70 x 59 cm
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49 x 58 cm
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50 x 60 cm
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40 x 50 cm
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